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Fuel level warning lamp blinking

Today as I pulled into work my low fuel idiot light on the CLK started blinking while the gauge read almost full ( 50mi on a full tank ).

I thought that was another electrical problem but I checked the gas cap and sure enough it was loose. Great I thought, it works as a warning for that too, I was pleased!

However, I went out at lunch and my fuel gauge was reading 1/4 tank! The computer, obviously works off the gauge, said 4.1 gallons in the tank. I asssumed lots of evaporation since I filled up, it's really hot here in sunny southern Kali. Well, after lunch the gauge was on zero!!! Hmmm, fuel leak I thought so I pulled right in to the nearest station. Lo and behold, the tank filled in 2.2 gallons as it should for about 55mi worth of driving.

Now the darn thing is bouncing between zero and full, the computer shows the tank contents dropping like it's leaking out the bottom.......

Anybody ever seen this before? I wonder if it will reset itself after the tank depressurizes again? It's a Cab so I don't think it's the heat, must be used to that...

My search found one guy saying the fuel sensors are a known problem, why not more hits then?
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