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Originally posted by ejsharp

There is one immediate question you could answer for me. One of the ports on the canister is missing a vacume hose... the one with the largest diameter and located to the extreme right when looking from the passenger side fender of the car. There is also no hose connected to the bottom of the canister.

Can you tell me what hoses are supposed to be connected to these points and where they should run to? I have the 4 cylinder I-Tec engine.

Well, I dont have the Trooper with me at work today, I drove the 300E, ah what a anyway, from your description it sounds like THAT is the important one, it is the vapor line from tank that has a check/relief valve in it, the check valve is to prevent liquid gasoline from entering the charcoal canister.If its the other one, now keep in mind I am looking at a diagram, not my Trooper, it may only be plugged off, or have another line going to the tank, both direct vapors from the tank to the canister.

The bottom port is to atmosphere, no hose

You might also replace the gas cap, as a non-venting cap can cause excessive pressure to build up in the tank causeing the canister to fill with gasoline.

If this doent fix the problem, then I can send tests for canister, purge selenoid (valve) and vacuum switching valve.

Oh, by the way, we are talking about the 4 cylinder 4ZE1 engine.
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