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w126 280SEL any ideas?

I have a 1985 280SEL W126 and I have done searches on these probs and cant find any real answers!!

The first problem is that when the weather is hot (approx. 90 F), and after idleing in traffic etc for a few minutes (engine at 90 C), if I turn the steering whilst in drive, or even put the a/c on, the engine will cut out due to the really poor idleing when hot.

I never get this problem in winter at all, or when I first start the car up.

I've changed the plugs, distributor cap and arm, ignition leads etc.

If I want to park, or manouver the car at idle speeds, I have to keep one foot on the gas and the other on the brake!!

The second problem I've noticed is that when I'm on the highway, and I take my foot off the gas, a few seconds later I hear a low click sounds a bit like a microswitch type click, but this comes from the engine compartment. The same click is heard when I put my foot back on the gas!?

I tried this when the car is stationary, but there is no click at all, only when the car is moving!!!

Thanks guys for any help!!

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