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Well I found the problem. The fuel return line and the vapor line were switched at the gas tank. And the bare nozzle on the charcoal canister was missing the plugging cap. There is a diagram label on the hood that shows which of the canister nozzles gets capped. The engine now runs like a top and the canister is no longer spewing gasoline.

How I would like to say a few descriptive adjetives regarding the so called mechanic who installed the fuel filter on backwards and reversed the lines to the gas tank and fuel pump. He's not even a good guesser... got two out of two wrong.

Well the better part of the story is that I got the car for its donation value as a tax write off... $232.00... so I can't complain. I can see now why the former owner got disgusted with the vehicle.... he has recently put a small fortune into parts attempting to get it running right.

Inspector1... I can't find anything to tell me the type engine I have. I looked under the hood for some ID but no luck. I suppose it's the 4ZE1 like yours. It does have the I-Tec imprint on the intake manifold. Also Inspector1... keep in touch because I have the factory manuals for the Trooper now being delivered. So feel free to e-mail me for any info you might need in the future.

Again my thanks to everyone who helped out on this most unusual condition.


1993 190E 2.3
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