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Originally posted by Agron80:
Ok, so as I understand the instrument just pulls out, which I had some time to look at tonight, and it does indeed look easy. Mine is alittle stuck, and I think i'm going to need a screwdriver or some sort to pull it out. Once pulling it out carefully, trying not to stretch the speedo cable, what am I looking at? A bunch of bulbs going across the instrument cluster? I was thinking of changing all of the bulbs, since I have the darn thing off anyway. What color are these bulbs, and what size? I think their 12v3w if i'm not mistaken. Are these bulbs sold only from dealer or can I get some at my local autozone?

I appreciate everyones responses....

I don't think AutoZone will carry these bulbs, but when you are finished let me know how easy it was to remove the cluster.

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