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You will also need to disconnect all the engine stuff, too! Electrics, fuel lines, remove AC compressor and set aside, etc.

You won't need to jack the car except maybe to remove the front flex disc coupling (leave the drive shaft in the car, although it is easier to drop it down at the center bearing and wire it up out of the way).

Engine and tranny come out the front, you will have to tilt it up without moving forward much (to about 45 degrees) until you can get the oil pan over the radiator support.

Once the oil pan is clear, push the car back as you tilt the engine/transmission assembly level. Watch that you don't snag the steering damper or any wires, etc as the tranny comes up.

Push the car back from underneath the engine and lower the engine down to near the ground before you attempt to move the engine puller, else you may tip it over.

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