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Raising the Titanic!

Okay here goes,
As we speak I am having my driver change the 195/65 R15 tires upgraded to 195/70 R15 or 205/75 R15's.... Also the boys are going to pull the factory spring pads out and use a replacement part that I am told will raise the car, this is a NIGERIAN modified part! I will let you know how the job turns out if and when they finish later today.

Over the last couple of years the infrastructure here has been distroyed, an 8" to 12" gully in a well traveled road is not abnormal! The reason we picked the 230E is that spares are abundant and the local fellows have some knowledge and experience on these cars. But one must always be careful of the FAKE spare parts that seem to be rampant in Nigeria.

Thanks for all the ideas!!

Joe McGlynn
Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Beautiful Car!
Wish It Ran Beautiful!
Help Please!
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