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Leon Hernandez
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Anyone ever get a dental drill sound out of your radio when just cruising down the road?
It comes and goes cannot place a event that would lead to this culprit. The radio is on and the dental drill sound varies with the engine RPM (not partial to golden oldies! or Country he he.) I've tried various radio stations to see if it made any difference and it does not. Appreciate your thoughts on this.

FWIW, Even in our Nuclear industry there is an air of disdain for us craft type persons as we maintain our twin 1250 MWe units. This nation has done its artisians and craft a great disservice with it's elitism attitude. Having now owned a 85 300SD and a 94 C280 it reminds my of my old avionics tech days on CH-47's, Cobras etc. I have great appreciation for the MB techs. My hat off to you folks that try to have a normal family life, hobby, job and put up with a lot of us rookies. Got to admit though some of these postings have me laughing in tears. I read them when on night shift, especially the Perf. site. Can't say thanks enough for the benefit you all provide. God Bless.

Best regards, Leon H

93 F-150 4X4 110k still strong(them oil changes pay off!)
86 Ninja 1000 60k(sold)
85 300SD 168k
94 C280 58K (what a blast to drive, 100+ easy)
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