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After getting my baby back together and on the road, it seemed to be down on power. I could not find anything I left disconnected with the recent head work. This power loss was apparent after driving my new car, which is supposed to have similar 0-60 time.

I don't know if the power just trailed off over time, or if there is something wrong.

I put the old plugs back in temporarily when putting the head back on, and they weren't in too good condition after the combustion chamber problem. But, I can't imagine this accounting for such a power loss.

To quantify the loss and verify that it is not my imagination, I stop watched a standing start to 60 MPH. It took almost 13 seconds. It should be 8 or even a little less. Also the economy guage seems to indicate less vacuum than before. As I said, I have looked for disconnected hoses, etc. I replaced the fuel filter not too long ago.

Is there anything I can check or replace before taking this to someone for some KE Jetronic calibration?

BTW, I was quite careful in putting the camsprocket and chain back on where I found them. The only way that could be the problem would be if the chain slipped a tooth on the crankshaft. I may pull the valve cover and check the cam timing if I get no other suggestions.

Thanks for any help you can offer,

Larry Bible
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