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You have been a great help with my multiple problems on this 280CE, which I'm now not-so-affectionately calling "Money Pit".

Right now I'm focused on the tranny problem (another post). The car is up on ramps waiting to cool a bit so that I can pull the vacuum modulator cap apart, and hope I DO get dripping ATF as my local shop lent me a new modulator if replacement is needed, otherwise its new tranny time. (I have no vacuum tester, but the hose seems intact all the way back to the manifold. Is the fact that the vacuum locks don't work either indicative of anything?)

While under there tonight, I'll do the driveshaft wiggle, and I've seen that mount and bushing assembly for sale on e-bay for $25. Looking at the rear tranny mount last night, how do I tell if it is bad? It looked like a fairly easy disassembly, and there was some sort of adjusting bolt in the center. What do I need to know about replacement adjustment of this one, and on the center shaft mount, whats the procedure for replacing the bearing?
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