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Still the same problem. Been twice to the MB service again and they say they have no idea whatsoever! Only cure is to start replacing pieces, trial and error, and they will charge me for all of it!
I have been "testing" almost every cable connection and vacuum hoose for bad functions but nothing. Again, all cables are like new!
Last week I made a 800 km trip in one go, hot weather and no problems. Got stuck in traffic and car went into limp mode. Opened the hood for a couple of minutes and the engine came back to life. Drove straight home again, yes 800 km without a hickup. Next day I was in stop and go traffic and the limp mode came back. Again vented some minutes and could then drive home again.
Now we have 30 celsius, and engine temp stays around 88-90 as normal,
but it is the ambient temp that causes the limp mode. And releases it.
Any new ideas are very much appreciated, since I would like to drive the car even in the summer. From September to May it never stalls...
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