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W124 Coolant level sensor plug

Since I am about to drive a cross the desert I have been taking a long hard look at my cooling system. I replaced everthing and I do mean everthing six months ago..except the coolant level sensor and the top radiator hose I am doing so now. I have already replaced the hose, and I was going to change the level sensor except that the dealership is out of stock at the moment and I dont have time to order one. So the parts guy gave me a plug that is used in the SD's. He wasn't too sure it would work , but one of the other guys was. I thought I would post here and get your suggestions. The plug looks a little wimpy to me but if it works...Well that will be A Ok with me. Here is a pic of the coolant level sensor as it sits...And the other is of the plug they gave me at the dealership. Will this work? Thanks
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