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My brother has a range rover and wanted to know if anyone knew of a tech site like this for range rovers. Though I'm afriad to give a site to him because he'll drive them all nuts with his questions about the car and or fixing things.

He is what I call a mechanics dream client. He goes to various shops all over the city and gets them to diagnose this or that, but instead of letting them say whats wrong, he starts blabbing off about what he thinks is wrong. like he'll say the car doesnt idle right, I think my exhaust is broken. The mechanics he talks to usually say sure that could be it etc etc. Basically just agreeing with him.

My bro has limited mechanical knowledge, and just makes assumptions about what is wrong with his car. And every mechanic he talks to goes along with whatever he tells them is wrong.

I keep telling him to act dumb and ask them to diagnose the car without telling them what he thinks is wrong so he can at least get a better diagnosis without them trying to take advantage of him.. so far every mechanic he has been to tells him different things too. one says its his o2 sensor, another the exhaust, another the fuel injection, etc etc. It seems like he just hasn't found a good shop yet.

And that stupid air suspension on the 93 and up range rovers has to be the lamest thing I have seen. Before he bought the car I warned him that that would constantly break on him, and its one of the things he complains about is the suspension doesnt work.

Plus he drives like a maniac, and is always sitting there taking something off his car to paint it or try to fix something or another. In fact he got the car just over a year ago, and he has already had the brakes replaced twice, part of the suspension, several tuneups, several sets of spark plugs, and if I told you all the money he has spent at pep boys, he could have bought antoher car by now... and he has only done about 12,000 miles since he got the car if that.

So if anyone knows of a good landrover/range rover site that has people on it like the people here, please let me know, I don't want to see him spend thousands of dollars on repairs all year round. I swear there isn't one day that goes by that he doesn't tell me about this or that going wrong with the car. I keep telling him if all this stuff is wrong then he needs to sell the car.

I have driven his car, and I think it drives great, so I have no idea why he complains about it so much. Yes the idle is way too rich, and I can smell it when he starts his car and idles. I keep telling him to lean out the mixture, but of course if he does that the car stalls. I told him his timing might be off causing the mixture to be wrong, and adjusting his idle screw is only making the problem worse. but I'm no professional so he doesnt really listen to me, but again he'll go to some shady shop and tell them his timing is off. he does this sort of thing all the time, and sooner or later he's going to get screwed on a repair that he doesn't need. i figure if he can Arm himself with a great site like this that has the knowledge to help him figure out and diagnose the problems, then he will have a better chance of keeping his car running nice.

I am so glad I have this site for information on mercedes, so I was hoping someone here would know a good site like this one for range rovers/land rovers.

Sorry about the excessively long post that has nothing to do with mercedes, but I could really use a little info on any sites like this for range rovers.

I told him to get a 190e or 300e, but he wanted the truck. My father, my older brothers and I all drive mercedes's.

My father has his sl600
My one older brother has his 380SL
My Other older brother has an ML430
I have my 300CE

With all these benzes in the family, you would think the little one would want one too.

You should have seen how pleased he ws when I let him drive my car for the first time last week. he loved it to death.. hehe and he was shocked when I tossed him the keys... (I felt like being chauffered around that day hehe). He thought I would never let him drive the car ever.

In anycase,
Thanks in advance for any help, and I do apologize for the completely off topic post.


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