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Gosh, Thanks Larry, I feel better already.

A personal pet peeve I have comes from our school system where counselors direct those with learning and behavioral disorders into the mechanical trades programs, where they do poorly. Our local ASA has worked with our Junior College and High Schools to train these people that the skills necessary to succeed include math and science skills. Those that have avoided these are doomed.

I personally graduated #1 in my 750 member, senior high school class. I went on to put myself through engineering school at the University of Florida (where I got a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering; a five year degree program at the time) by working on cars (my first love). I believe a good technician should have a minimum of two years of college level math and science and probably five years journeyman/apprentice type work -study to finish.

I was lucky that during the six years I worked for dealers (two of which occurred before I graduated), I was unmarried and able to spend great amounts of unpaid time in on-the-job training.

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