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Unhappy ADS problems

hey guys,

First off, a big thank you to everyone who make this forum possible! It's pulled my a$$ outta the fire more than once.

Now I've got a problem with my car's ADS system. what happens is that when the car is run for around 30 mins or otherwise well up to operating temp, if you turn off the engine and turn it on again the ADS warning pops up on the instrument cluster. The LED on the ADS switch in the center console also illuminates, and the suspension stiffens up, as if the ADS was turned on. The ADS switch has no effect when this happens, with the LED glowing no matter what direction you flip the switch.

Turning the ignition off then on again doesnt help, the warning and the LED comes on right away.

Sometimes, the warning and LED go off while driving and everything is back to normal, but more often it stays on for the remainder of the trip.

what seems to be constant with this problem is that it always occurs immediately after start-up. If you start the car and the warning doesnt occcur within a few seconds, it definitly wont for the remainder of the trip.

Another constant is that it never occurs on cold starting; it always comes out on the third or so trip in the day, when the car has reached operating temps before it was shut off.

Any ideas on possible causes and/or solutions would be appreciated.
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