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As a relatively new member, let me be bold and speak for what I believe are the majority of people who post here...
Thank You !!!
You guys take the time and care to answer technical issues with absolutely no reward other than the satisfaction that on gets from helping others. I for one greatly appreciate both the specific issues addressed along with the underlying spirit of generosity that spurs your involvement.
As a Mercedes owner, I can't tell you how enlightening this forum has been. It provides me with a source of info for what can be very complex automotive issues. One result is to enhance my ability to provide my Benz with the proper care to avoid costly repairs. The other, is to more fully understand the issues involved in more complex repair and engineering issues.
Now, before I get too serious....let me also say that this forum is FUN....OK..OK...I guess my true techonerd character is showing...but hey..what the hell..I like it !!

Anyway, what I wanted to say, simply, is that we truly appreciate the contributions of the experts who make their living at working on our automotive issues.

Thanks !!

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