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I personally appreciate any and all help that I recieve here. I am sure that you guys have better things to do with your time, but seeing you guys take your time and expertise to provide us with knowledge, makes me appreciate you guys tremendously.

Personally if I need information, Rather than bother you guys with E-mailing, I'd post it here and wait for an answer if someone feels like it. If I do E-mail someone, I always sign my E-mails, as well as almost always sign my posts... Sometimes I forget to type my name in my posts, I might just have to add it to my signature file.

In anycase, I think there should be some sort of awards page or something on the site for the excellent assistance from people like benzmac, Steve, Larry, Lee, And all the others who provide their assistance to us. I wish I knew all of your names so I could list them here, but you guys know who you are, and the more I visit this board, the more I will get to know you.

I look forward to coming to meets and meeting up with all the familiar voices in here. Without you guys, I don't know what I would do.

No matter what, always know that I appreciate everything you guys do. I know how much training and time you have spent learning about these cars, and I know that I can trust in your knowledge.

In anycase, Remember that you guys are the ones who keep people on the road, and you should never be taken for granted.



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