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Must be the drugs (bg).

The R16 resistor will work exactly opposite as you describe. Removing the resistor makes the timing advance (6deg I think).

I think your inside temp propblem is unrelated to the idle problem as there are different sensors involved with temp sensing on those two systems on that car.

to evaluate the idle problem one might wish to view the control. An unplugged idle valve will not run the motor fast on that system as it will the early v8s. To get that idle speed requires either such a command from the controller or a significant varaible vacuum leak. The way to watch control is with the same ammeter arrangement used for EHA current measurements. Proper control usually ranges from 600-700ma at idle to reading of 800-900 while driving as the valve is openned to be prepared for a sudden stop. It should immediately drop to the 6-700ma range at idle condition.
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