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How sad that this situation even exists, let alone that it has to be said out loud.

I really do not understand anyone who looks down upon or has a lack of respect for someone else who can do something they can not? A Automoive Technician is a trained professional (if you doubt it, just look at the pay rate) and often underappreciated.

My point is, the good ones, (and you guys know who you are), can do it better than 99% of the rest. The problem is that some people are not insightful enough to know a good one when they run smack face first into them! I am not trying to fan the flames here, but this message has a direct connection to a few individuals with a lack of understanding and humility.

As a former Avionics Technician and Aircraft Electrician in the US Army, I think it needs to be said that having your "Act Together" is much harder that people think might imagine. Troubleshooting is a ARTFORM, every person can have a different way of doing it, but the competent ones, do it reliably and efficiently every time. Mistakes happen, but that is called Learning!

Steve, and all the competent Technicians and DIY'ers, I cannot apologize for these rude individuals or there comments, but I feel that I can speak for the 99.99% of the 2400+ registered user's of this board, a Huge and Heartfelt THANK YOU!!!!!!!

For the individuals who feel they "Know Better", I doubt it! The fact that these Technicians and DIY'ers contribute untold hours on and to this site at no cost to the User speaks for itself. Attacks on anyone for advise given is just uncalled for (IMO) and if I must admit, shows a short sightedness and lack of knowledge that deserves no public (or private) forum. In other words, keep it to yourselves.

Sorry for the long rant, now if I can just get off this big soapbox without hurting myself!

Have a nice day!

Ross Newcomb
96 C280, Greenish Black

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