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I consider myself a mechanic but not in the automotive industry. Being a computer technician, I have to diagnose symptoms and fix problems. Its not easy work, and computer problems for a talented and well trained tech who works hard is a commodity that is hard to come by.

People like Steve and benzmac and anyone who works hard to be the best that they can be in whatever they choose to do are the real commodities of this country. People who work doing what they love and they do it with knowledge and expertise.

I love cars and I love computers. Since I am always amazed with the computer industry, I am always just as amazed with the automotice industry. The blending of the two is always happening more and more.

Cars are getting more computers, and computers are getting more style and models and manufacturers like cars.

Both are now becoming more than just functional machines, but Completely Functional Art.

The people who keep these machines together do it because they love to do it. And because they give out information they are providing a service without expecting any payment for their time and knowledge. Its just wrong to take someone's good advise and not provide some kind of thank you for them.

In my business when a client refers another client, they get a thank you form me, and it definately makes us appreciate the people who use us time and again for our assistance.

Mechanics are usually underappreciated, and that is wrong for people to do. I appreciate everyone who helps me here, especially because they are taking out time they could be doing something else to help me.

When I had my MGB, I had a great mechanic who always made the car run great, and would help me to no end to keep my car on the road and he was very resonable. He would offer me a used part, notifying me of it being used but he would tell me it was in escellent shape, and It always was. He was always looking out to fix the problem and do it to keep the costs down for me. He was always thinking of things like that when dealing with me.

I could call him on the phone and discuss modifications or he would walk me through a repair over the phone. I appreciated him tremendously, and even though I don't have the car anymore, I still call him up to see how he is doing and to chat with him. But when I get another MGB one day for my toy, He's going to be the one I call to find me the car and fix it when it needs to be fixed.


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