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Whereas I don't believe that we will change the viewpoint of those who look down on mechanics as being something less than your average Joe nor that of society as a whole I would also like to add my 2 cents.

I have always enjoyed working on cars even tho I have never had formal training. I usually find out the hard way that I am in too deep and I have learned a lot that way! At the same time I am never afraid to try and the thrill of figuring out how others have built and designed a machine has always given me a thrill (not to mention skinned knuckles, a lighter wallet and a good command of swear words!). I can say that this is the best web site ever when it comes to honest, straight forward and timely advice about a car that I hope to keep running well into the next century.

Thanks! Just ignore the smucks, there are plenty of honest appreciate folks out there that appreciate your feedback.

Jim Loseke
1980 450Sl
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