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you can't get the 16v to start at all???, did you turn the mixture screw too many times, or have the pot off?
I have been messin with the pot on the 16v , and also srcewing with the mixture, I finally droped the dime and got the hugh MB service manual, It make it alot easier to figure things out,
Engine 102.983(86 16v ...(87 might be differnt theres a whole differnt section for it)) testing A/F sensor,accel enrichment,
multimeter on mA, 20degC
discontect O2, start engine, test EHA nominal value 5-15mA Increase engine speed quickly ,current should increase,,, if so.. end of test, lol
if not stop engine
airflow plate must be deflected see if it has pressure before lower edge of the cylindrical part off the air funnel, if not adjust mixture screw/or bad distributer
testing the pot terminal 3 and 1: approx 5v
terminal 2 and 1 :0.2-0.5v if ok
slowly defect plate ,voltage should increase continously to 5 volts
if not replace the A/F unit.

I found my first start stalls seems to be the NEW coolant temp sensor, I installed last summer, manual states +20C =2.2-2.8kohm (mine 3.1k)
0C=5.5-6.1k ohm(mine 6.2) everything else checks out to the book.
Hope this helps


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