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An additional view/challenge, kind of Golden Rule-ish:

Those of us who have made use of resources like this need to reciprocate when possible. That is, don't be shy in "going off-line" with someone who seems earnest in their quest for some technical help. More than once I've tried to offer some sort of remuneration to folks who have helped me via email or whatever, invariably the response is "Don't sweat it, I do this because I enjoy it" or "Thanks, but I just like to help others learn from my experiences". These folks are valuable resources; it is then up to the rest of us to pass on the good Karma. Lend a helping hand. Do unto others .... For me, helping somebody solve a problem, especially when doing so avoids a large service/repair bill, is very rewarding in itself - and the right thing to do to keep these forums going.

Thanks for the bandwidth.

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