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Hi Dave,

My car is an 86. At the moment it doesn't want to start at all whatsoever. Yes, indeed I turned the mixture screw too many time. The Mixture screw feels very weird now, what I mean is when I depress the screw and when turn I don't feel it is engaged any more, it feels like I had broken a gear or something.

I like the procedure you wrote very nice and short, except that I don't know the test points to measure the EHA reading. I understand that the meter has to be in mA, but where are the test points, could you please write these test points down for me.
And also when you say deflect the plate do you mean press down on the throttle flappy thing?? Sorry to ask dumb questions but I have to make sure.

Please response if you can. So, did you get your car back on the road yet? Thank you and I'll talk to you soon.
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