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alex the Eha test point is on the fuel distributor, black box 2x3in
with two wires , pull it off and put it back on 3/4 of the way so you can get the meter pins on it,
follow the pot wire ,it has a harrness a few iches away follow the wires, and pry off the top cap, and leave it hooked up so you can measure it from above it,
the the throttle plate has to have pressure on it before it moves past the bottom of the tube, or it will NEVER start, if you can not feel pressure when turn the mixture screw it is broke you need a whole new A/F sensor or at least a new mixture screw. I have a a/f sensor if you need it.

Ya my 16v was down one morning when I was playing around with the mixture screw and running around the block to see differnt driving styles, I lost count of turns forward and back and the plate was out of wack. luckly I got to check out my buddys to feel where the pressure was on the airflow plate and turned the mixture screw to the point and it fired right up, I decided to get the manuals before a new a/f sensor and it seems to be within spec, I need to go and get duty reader from sears this week there is a hugh section on duty.
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