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Will you give me $500.00 for my wallet and everything in it? No? why not? Oh, because you don't know what's in it? That makes sence.

So why would you consider throwing that kind of $$$ into a transmission you have no idea what the real history is? One thing for sure, you will be replacing the used one before the rebuilt one. The labor to R/R either one is $500-$600.

If you are planning on keeping the car, you should really consider getting a factory rebuild from MB. they will give you a 30K warranty. I know the others will do the same or better, but remember, warranties are only as good as the company standing behind them. Unless you are local to one of the tranny rebuilders, you will still have to pay to have it removed,shipped and re-installed.

Before you give up on your present trans, take it to someone who KNOWS how these work. Your friendly neighborhood tranny guy can't help you.

This is one of those cases that if you are planning to keep the car, cheap is expensive. That's one guarantee you can count on.



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