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Yes! The regulator needs replacing. Remove the door panel and remove the regulator. One important part is that the motor must be detached from the regulator before either part can leave the door (the window channel blocks it and is not easily removed). The removal is done by removing three ten mm head screws through three holes that should exist on your car. I say should because you have a late version 116 chassis. The early cars didn't have the holes and removal was about three hours longer until MB came out with a template and drilling instructions to make the holes that wer later built into the car.

One other point. The 116 eats regulators because (amoung other things) of its weird window guide geometry. The window basically follows a single bar up the door. Before reattaching the new regulator move the window up and down by hand to determine the ease of this activity. Bend, lube, adjust to taste.

NOTE**** Be careful; when broken the regulators spring can cause injury when you release the body. The inside of the door is also full of sharp edges/objects.
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