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Anyone in Alex, VA? Need help please, I'm stuck

I need a little help please.
Car is a 1987 300 TD.
The wife and children are out of town, I finish staining the deck. Time for some golf. Buddy comes over with his wife and children, alright lets go.
He notices that the passenger seat bottom won't adjust forward. Seat back adjusts. Tilt is intermittent.
I can fix this he says, get tools and contact cleaner. I don't do electrical I tell him.
No problem he says.

Take off the battery negative, hey there is some corrosion around the battery tray. 2 year old battery.
Take out the battery and tray. Loosten the ground.
Starts spraying contact cleaner on everything tray battery terminals the 2 BIG connections behind the battery. One is for flywheel timing the other I don't know.
Take trim off passenger door. Sprays contact cleaner into seat adjustment switch.
Battery tray back in. I see these little areas of white aroune where battery tray serews into body, and on the nuts.
What is that? Lithium grease probably. Shouldn't we use some. We don't have any.
Attaches positive. Puts negative on loosely. It is tight oning on, he is fiddleing around. Hasn't tightened the ground yet.
Pull negative off of the post, it touches the hood hinge, tiny spark, puts negative back on the post.
Horn starts blowing. Check fuses. Replace number 6. It has a bulge in it.
Negative back on. Now the alarm horn blows when the negative is touched to the post. Check fuses, all appear ok. Horn still blows when negative is on post.
His wife and childern show up, they are crying, well gotta go.
The end result is I'm am stuck without a car.

Anyone in Alexandria, Va wanna help with this?
Otherwise I will probably have to tow the car.

Need some advice please.


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