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What is it, and what does it do? Here's a post from the Bekkers message board (unedited) -- "Hi every body
Recently i had no end of trouble some times intermittent with my cosworth engine
having low power funny idling carb backfires etc. Mechanics and the like thought it was comp, ezl ign problems etc but could not quite sort it out.
In the end it was EHA unit on the carb. Testing for current flows to the unit with the faulty unit in place created some strange readings making you suspect another cause, but with a
new one in place readings were normal!
Hope this helps anyone"

QUESTION: Would inspecting/replacing this unit eliminate the idle "anomaly" I experienced at a stoplight the other day -- 800 - 1500 rpm up-n-down. Next light o.k. at 800 rpm?


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