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PLEASE HELP! W210 Problem

Hi everyone, I'm new to the name's Danny and I own a 2001 E320...Alright, heres the problem.. so my rims just came in, 19 x8.5, 19 x 9.5 moven brabus mono 6 replicas. I was told that my stock lugs would work fine. So I went ahead and mounted them. The lug went into the rotor about 1.5inch. Then when I start the car, the abs light as well as "brake assist" light comes up and the screen says "visit workshop, bas error"...

I had a feeling the bolts were too damn long. So I replaced the rims again with some stock W202 rims, I also used my stock W210 bolts, but with those wheels the lugs only goes into the rotor about .75 inch, yet I was still getting the error lights when I started the car...

My questions are:

1.Is it possible to damage the ABS/brake assist mechanism JUST by screwing in a bolt that is too long? Because I know if you drive the car it will mess up for sure but I didnt move the car an inch, just drove in the screws too deep.

2.Is there an ABS/brake assist mechanism on the front rotors? I was told only the rear mattered.

3. How short of a bolt can I get in order to clear the ABS yet still remain safe?

4. What do you guys suggest I do?

Right now the car is just sitting in the garage, movens on the front, stock w202 wheels on the rear, ABS light is still coming on.. I am very hesitant to even drive it to the shop because my friend one time torn his abs system apart when using aftermarket wheels with factory bolts. The car is a 2001 E320..Any help that anyone can give is very much appreciated. Any advice please give me as well.

Thanks everyone for trying to help me out. its very appreciated.

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