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Well I spent the weekend under the hood and made considerable progress. The factory manuals also came on Saturday. The problem with the delay in acceleration is because the vacume system is not working. I use the term system because my 4 cylinder does not have airconditioning and it appears as though I have a combined selinoid that handles the vacume lines for both the fuel pressure and the high idle speed.

I determined that the combined selinoid was not funtioning by bypassing it completely and then rerunning the vacumes lines to a constant vacume situation.

All hesitation then disappeared and the motor takes off like a top when given gas from idle.

I first thought that I had solved the problem because I assumed the combined selinoid was bad. However I bench tested the selinoid by runnung 12 volts to it and both of the selinoids in the unit seemed to work properly... opening and closing the vacume lines.

And thats where I am right now. I am thinking about hooking all the vacume lines back to the selinoid again and then running 12 volts directly to the selinoids to see if vacume is activated for the components the vacume lines controll... in other words create a temporary situation where both the fuel pressure and the high idle operate. If my hunch is correct and the selinoids function with direct battery current, then that means the problem is with the current to the selinoids.

So I'm now off to the manuals to see where the current is supposed to come from so that I can trace the lines if necessary. (Sunday night)

Inspector1... Did you make any progress with your hesitation?

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