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Well Like Larry says, Oil is cheap. there is really no harm in spending the $30 or less and change it more often. What if you decide to buy it after the lease? Any damage done will then be with you.

If I had a new car, I'd change the oil every 2-3k...

In my car now, just got it about 6 weeks ago, I have already changed the oil once, and will do it again after 3k miles. and again and again and again.

I'll be changing it hot, and often as larry puts it, and with a filter each time. So all in all my oil changes will cost me about $20 every 2-3 months. Thats not a bad cost. Roughly $80 to $120 a year to protect your engine.

Oil is the only way you can clean your internal parts of your engine as Larry puts it. I find this to be good advise for anyone. Oil is Cheap.


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