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This has bad vibes --
re: " fuel distributor, fuel pump and fuel filter were replaced by a local mechanic who wasnt too good with Mercedes...."
Well, I think I found the problem -- the mechanic. It will be almost impossible to trace all the possible (multiple) screw-ups he made.
Why would you need to replace BOTH the fuel distributor AND the fuel pump at the same time -- what are the odds that they both have gone bad at the same time? Was it guess work? I'm getting a feeling that that guy is going to milk you (i.e., your wallet) dry!!
re: "...its a relay type is red on top and it takes a standard 10amp fuse (not the regular mercedes fuses)...."
It's an overvoltage protection relay -- sort of like a surge protector for computers, as it protects the electronics from electrical surges. It could be part of your problem, but take it to an MB dealer to be sure.
Don't go back to that mechanic, unless you're going with your lawyer to serve papers on him!

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