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I too spent part of Saturday and Sunday under the hood, and let me tell you...what a puzzle this is turning out to be, I checked the timing-OK,dist. cap and rotor-OK, MAF-OK, WOT(?)-OK, my schematic shows a MAP and a TPS, but they arent there, or, if they are I sure cant find'em. ( I was wrong about what repair manaul I have, it's a chilton) Did not get around to the pres. regulator, as I thought I had the problem fixed when I got it to idle cold without stalling.

My throttle valve was very carbon'ed up so I cleaned it, that restored my idle speed, except it is now about 50RPM too high, ~ 1000 or so. The problem IS temperature related, as the problems happen when cold. So I am looking at the engine temp. sensor next, but I am also suspicious of the EVAP and selenoid as you mentioned, I know it sounds like I am all over the board with this, but after almost a quarter million miles, this is the first time I have had any problems, and I really have had no reason to even look for all these componants.

Do those new manuals you recieved have a trouble shooter flow chart in them?
If so, whats it have for hesitation at cold start?

Have a great day. JP
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