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Originally posted by Mike Murrell:
It's been said that the OVP provides current to the fuel circuit. If the 10 amp fuse is/was loose and pushing on it altered the engine speed in any way, I'd be suspicious.

You might try searhcing the archives on this list, both current and for '99. Alot has been said about the problems created by faulty OVPs and the 10 amp fuse contained within.

Mike Murrell
'91 300-SEL

True. So I took a couple apart and what I found was that the slots in the plastic case for the fuse tabs don't allow a good line-up with the tab recepticles inside the case.
This means possible poor contact of the fuse.
If the slots had been made larger, the fuse tabs would slide into the contacts for a better contact, but with the tight slots in the case , the fuse has no lee-way to find and slip into the female connector.
> Just my observation <

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