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what was that weird sound?

Hi everyone,
Something weird happened to me yesterday. I drove my car (86 300e) about 2 hours on the freeway. When I got home, I shut it off like usual and noticed there was a sound like a motor (not an engine, but an electric motor) coming from around the rear passengers wheel. It also sounded like the tire was leaking, although I didn't seem to be loosing pressure. Well, I took my 15 month old daughter (who was sleeping) up to bed and made a point to check it out later to see if it stopped or what... well, when I did (about an hour later) it was still going. I tried to start the car (rather late at night at this point) and it wouldn't start. I went out this morning and was able to coax it into starting, but it's running rough. Right now it's idle-ing and I'm going to try to drive it around the block to see how it's does.
My thoughts, is there a fuel pump on the gas tank or near that area that might have a bad solinoid or be bad itself? That would explain the rough idle and weird electric motor sound I heard last night.
Kyle De Priest
2007 e320 Bluetec
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