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w124 87 300E Problems


My 87 300E has about 190,000 miles and a lot of problems.


Leaks like anything at the front timing cover


It leaks a puddle every night, and it shifts very rough, it feels like a thud shifting 1st to 2nd. I read in a previous post relating to this topic that the problem was in a 2/3 way vacuum valve????? I was wondering is it worth it to replace the gaskets, seals and friction discs, or just fix where it is leaking currently? I am just wondering because I don't know how much life is left in this transmission.


The brakes feel very spongy, I replaced the pads and rotors but still it feels like I have to press hard on the pedal just to stop. I was told it may be the master cylinder.

1987 300E
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