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This is a thread that will soon have a flame in the icon.

Synthetic oil is definitely superior to dino oil. However, it's one of those cost/benefit issues.

Some feel that oil change intervals can be extended when using synthetic oil. My contention is that this is not the case. Draining the oil is the only means you have to clean your engine internals(crankcase). You still must change the oil often if you wish to have a clean crankcase. The engine deposits contaminants in the oil regardless of oil type. The oils have additives to disperse and/or suspend these contaminants. The only way to get them out, is to drain the oil which includes the contaminants.

By using less expensive dino oil, you can drain more frequently for the same cost, thus keeping your engine cleaner inside.

If you drive in extreme situations, such as across the Mojave, synthetic would be a good choice.

Now, let's stand back, watch the fireworks involved with oil opinions, and see the icon for this thread have flames very soon.

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