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From replacing links on my 300D and looking around, I'd say you will have to adjust both the camber and toe-in to get them right, especially on later ones without the torque link adjustment. Changing camber will change toe, etc.

Take a good look at the condition of the rubber in the links, too -- if you see shreds of stuff sticking out, the bushings are gone and you need new links rather than just an alignment.

If you jack it up and put it on jack stands, leaving the subframe hanging, I'll bet you find cracked rear subframe mounts, too.

I'll be doing all this when I get my property paid off and can afford all the bits at once -- I've got the diff mounts, but need the camber struts, tie rods, and a torque and thrust link for the left side (just did the ringht one). I plan to remove the entire subframe and do it all at once.

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