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I completely disagree with Agron on this (with all due respect). Perhaps he's not had the opportunity to look up inside a Honda with almost 300k miles on it whose motor looked as though it had just been assembled! Compression test was as-new, too. That's the car that made me a believer.

I think Synthetic's increased lubricity, lesser tendency to leak down off cylinder walls, increased change interval, decreased evaporative rate, higher burn-off point, and higher flow rate at low temperatures all allow me to say unequivocally that synthetic is indeed better. Maybe dino's adequate, but I've always believed in using the best products available.

As regards my story of leaks, beware; I converted my 300TE to synthetic at 68k miles (in '97) and abruptly blew my rear main crankshaft seal. The front cover seal and top cover seals went shortly thereafter. I'd do it again, frankly, but you've got to be willing to accept the consequences.

All the best everyone...good luck with your decisaion.

All the best, Michael
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