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Sorry for the delay in follow-up, but the car has been parked for the last week. After the last trip in limp home mode I was not looking forward to today’s return trip. But, no problem. The car performed fine for the full 2+ hours of the return; smooth idle and good acceleration. This is lots of fun; tracking down a suspect electric/electronic problem on a car with known bad wiring!

I had misunderstood the comment about the cable, thinking you were referring to the electrical cable. Dumb. So I checked the throttle cable this evening and there is about a ¼ inch of play in the cable and the various cams and stops seem to be fully contacting. As for the Bowden cable it too has a small amount of slack, and the transmission has been shifting fine so I don’t think it needs adjustment.

I do not believe the car has ASR but we have only owned it for a year or so. How can you tell?

I checked the codes, and 2 & 11 are still the only two error codes that appear.

Thanks Arthur for your help, but where to from here?
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