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Question Do's and Don't on a 99 E320 (yes, i'm 19 yrs old, and yes i do care)

Hi, we got a 1999 E320 4 door like, let's see, 5 months ago or so. I like the car very much, and I would like to know what are some Do's and Dont's when it comes down to doing what it takes to keep the car in good shape and have it work for a long period of time without parts breaking down due to stressing it out too much. Here are some things I don't do, I don't turn the wheel when I'm in a totally stopped position because if you've driven a car without power steering you know how much harder it is to turn the wheel while totally stopped, I don't start off fast at all, in fact I notice how much people tend to push the gas pedal to accelerate what seems to be normal to them, and even to me back in the days of driving a Maxima (didn't care AS MUCH for that car), but now I take off a lil slower on red lights and end up behind the same red lights that the faster ppl do. I don't apply the brakes at the same pressure so that at the end of the stop you feel that motion that the car leans forward cuz ovbiously it's got momentum, I evenly ease off the brakes so it stops without that last second of braaaaaaaaaAKE...get it? Anyways, I could say a couple more things, but I would rather hear what you guys suggest. Oh and also, the kickdown position for the gas pedal...Why? The fuccing car is 3,500lbs and you wana make the engine take on the load at all it's power? I duno, common sense tells me if you use that kickdown position more than lets say once or twice a month or two months, your car isn't guna last as long. Chuck chuck duck. Let me know your opinions. Thanks
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