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Questions about all kinds of tools.

Dear friends:

I had never have experience with all kinds of labor tools before getting hooked on MB cars. English is also my ESL, so I'm kind of confused of the names and functions/purposes of these tools. Please give me some ideas of what a listed tool does. The ones marked with an asterisk are what I have a pretty clear understanding of what it is and what it does, but please also give them some description if you want.

1) Polisher*:

2) Buffer (what's it different from polisher?)

3) Sander*:

4) Angle Grinder*:

5) Die Grinder

6) Bench Grinder

7) Router

8) Plunge Router

9) Dremel tool (Is it a brand-name die grinder?):

10) Chuck Key Eliminator

11) Flaring tool

12) Planer

13) Wood Lathe

14) Rotary tool

Please add any more tools that were not listed here.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

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