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the 116's were pretty nifty. the best at the time. but as an aficionado, the 126's were the improvements of the breed, that i feel have not been improved since.

better seats[more legroom, more adjustability], better climate control, better parts availability insofar as 6.9 is concerned. also better looking. did you ever see the bumper that the feds imposed on the 6.9? better tranny.

all in all, i consider the 560's to be the zenith of 20th century car design and construction. i think i am correct when i say that these were bruno sacco's firsts as head of m-b design. he never topped them in my view.

i keep the two that i bought new in 1986 because there has never been any reason to divest myself of them. i wouldn't have added a e320cab except that i stumbled into a 1995 version that had never been titled,never driven and it was in my colors. and i consider it another design triumph by sacco.

however, day in day out, i prefer driving the 560's[sel, sec].

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