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1) Polisher*:

2) Buffer (what's it different from polisher?)
-- same thing as polisher

3) Sander*:
-- usually same tool as polisher and buffer, but instead of a soft foam pad, it is course sandpaper. Not for use on your car.

4) Angle Grinder*:
-- just about the same as the sander, even harder

5) Die Grinder -- not on your car

6) Bench Grinder -- not on your car

7) Router
-- used in wood working to cut a channel/groove in wood

8) Plunge Router -- about the same

9) Dremel tool (Is it a brand-name die grinder?):
-- brand name ROTARY TOOL
-- can have a tool to cut metal, sand, etc.

10) Chuck Key Eliminator
-- on a drill motor, to make changing bit easier

11) Flaring tool -- ?

12) Planer -- to make a piece of wood smooth on the surface

13) Wood Lathe -- to turn wood, for example, how a baseball bat is made

14) Rotary tool -- like a Dremel / high speed small tool with many attachments.
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