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Dremel is a name brand, for a very small high speed die grinder/"rotary tool". It is a very high speed (10,000 rpm or so) motor and tool chuck device that can hold grinding wheels and various drills, milling tools, polishing wheels, etc. Very small and light.

11) Flare tool. This is a tool for making a flared (belled out, like a trumpet) end on a piece of tubing. The flare will fit onto a spherical or tapered fitting (usually a screw fitting) and is held in place by a nut with a tapered seat from behind. Brake lines all use flare fittings.

Planer: A rotary device with two or three or four long knives in a rotating madrel with a gear driven feed mechanism, rotating over a flat plate with some rollers in it. It is used to surface and machine lumber (raw cut wood) to finished thickness and smoothness. Not used in automotive applications since the 1920s, when large parts of cars were made from wood.

An angle grinder is a fairly large motor with a 90 degree shaft that holds a thin grinding wheel, usually a fabric like material with grit embedded in it. Used to grind off weld beads, rough spots, etc on metal. Sometimes used wood, for sculpture, etc. Grinding disk is parallel to the axis of the motor. Has two handles.

Die grinder. Usually air operated, simple spindle tool used to grind cavities in injection molds, punching dies, etc. Usually one hand size, larger and heavier than a Dremel or similar tool.

Just for fun you can go hang out at the local Sears store -- lots of tools there and you can as "ignorant" questions for a long time before the sales people give up.

Please note that ANY tool with a power cord can do serious bodily harm if used improperly. I've seen rather more than I ever wanted to of people having an eye put out by flying debris, drills run through hands and other body parts, serious lacerations from sharp cutting tools (although dull ones do more damage -- they are being shoved much harder since they aren't working properly) and so forth. Please follow all safety recommendations!

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