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500E is pulling/steering to the right: revisted, new info

Alright, the 500E still has its pulling and steering to the right problem after 7 months now.

It was in an accident, as some/most of you know, just to give you a little background on where the problem originated

Ever since, depending on the speed, the car will blatently steer to the right. If its 30-mph it will pull after like 100 feet. If its 60+mph it'll start steering 50 feet heavy. It feels like it wants to pull you right off the road.

It's basically been out of my hands for 7 months now as it has bounced back and forth to about 3 different body shops and 4 diff alignment specialists.

I can tell you right now its NOT a frame problem. It's been on 4 different frame machines and the frame is to the milimeter.

As for what else has been replaced, i could post all 4 pages of replacements if needed, but i'll check the sheets as people give off suggestions.

Both struts were replaced in the front. The whole left and right suspension was replaced. As far as that goes, shocks and everything.

It's been on every alignment machine and it meets alignment specs and still pulls, that is what puzzles every mechanic.

I just want to know if anyone with a 500E has had this problem. Or anyone with a W124 for that matter I guess.

Sure you can tell me "once it's in an accident, some things will just never be the same" or "it's probably as good as its going to get" That's not what I want to hear. I'd appreciate people staying away from responses like that. The accident was not my fault and it hurts to hear people say that your car will never be the same...though it might not be

At any rate...

We had a personal friend of the family who was an old mechanic come over and throw his two cents down for free. He gave a good suggestion.

We raised the right side probably a couple centimeters above the lefts level by raising the right sides tire pressure from 40 to 47 (50psi max) and taking air out of the left side tires, 40 down to 37psi. Making a 10psi difference between the left and the right.

With the right side now up slightly higher than it was before, merely centimeters, the pulling nearly depleted completly. It's hard to tell though, some roads are straight some roads slant for water reasons and rain. But 60+mph she wasn't yanking away from me.

I'm running on EVOII wheels with Michillin Pilot Sport A/S 245/45/17 all around.

I've tried rotating the wheels and tires...didn't help.

The right side back end was hit, nearly dead on the corner. I hear the rear suspension on a 500E is adjustable...but doesn't it seem like it would be the front right? I don't want to overlook anything...

Anyways guys, I'd really appreciate any feedback again. Throw suggestions at me, and I can check the papers of whats been replaced and repaired. I just really want to get her back running correctly. Thanks tons for all your help.
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