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I think there is a big misconception about what consititues normal service for an engine and what consitutes severe service. Most people think that the only things that constitute severe service are towing a load of logs up hill and driving off road in Arizona. Normal service is where the engine is given proper time to warm up and then is driven at constant rmp for an extended period of time, such as highway driving. Anythings else should be considered severe service. How many times have you come home and parked the car in the driveway, had supper and watched TV, then gone back out and driven the car into the garage? How many times has your wife (not to imply anything against anyone's wife, but I know my wife drives like this) taken the car shopping and goes to one store that is a five minute walk away from your house, parks, shops for an hour, then drive two blocks down the road to the next store, etc. This is the kind of driving that realistically happens to cars in North America. Tons of start ups, short trips, etc. And it is evern worse in winter. I don't think that an oil change every 2000 miles is over kill. Give me ten more years and I will prove it in my car. Here's a question to ask yourself too. IF there were tow identical used cars side by side, same mileage, color, condition, price, etc, and you were going to buy one of them, would you rather the car that had oil changes every 2000 miles, or the one that had oil changes every 5000 miles?

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