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I did the tire pressure to both sides on all 4 tires, not just the front right or front in general, but...

Let me give you a general idea of the first MB dealership I delt with. It sat in the shop for 2 weeks. In the two weeks, all they did was rotate the wheels and tires and try to blame it on my getting bigger wheels (the EVOs). When I get the car back from their shop:

I had a dent in my rear quarter panel that was NOT there when it went up there. I complained and they said it must have happened on my ride home so they wouldn't fix it. The 4 brand new wheels had curb rash on them and deep scratches here and there. (disheartening) The idiot didn't pull the brake lane back far enough and my wheel ate it away and i lost my brakes completely at 60mph on the freeway.

I had such a mouthful for them that I just won't get in to here. They deserve to be shot. Not to mention they "inspected" the car before I got it back. I'm not talking about "hey look at the car and make sure everything is cool before i get it back." I'm talking about state inspection. They could loose their license for that.

I can't get in to it...i'll start to want to flip out again. Anyways...back to the current dillema...
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