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You compensated for a pull to the right that increases with speed by increasing tire pressure bias right to left with a difference of 10 PSI .... questions:

-Tire tread depths .... they are similiar on each axel?

-Brake pads: Have you specifically had the pads checked for unusual rapid wear compared to the rest of the brake pads? I am thinking the right-rear brake caliper/pad problem.

-Were all those alignments done on modern electronic alignment racks with the mirrors attached to all four wheels?

-Are any of the wheel sensors (ABS) damaged? When you turn on your ignition switch, do all the lights illuminate? (Prior to starting the engine). It is an old and pathetic trick to disconnect a dash bulb after not being able to repair the reason for the light being illuminated.

-I suspect there are also other odd things happening as well since the accident. Are there other items you have not mentioned? Any?

I am very curious about this, keep us posted,

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